Day 16: The Film Score for 2005’s Pride and Prejudice by Dario Marianelli

Another day, another short(er) post. This time it is because I am on a flight to Utah headed to Sundance and I have a raging headache, can’t find my Advil and there is a cute but occasionally screechy child directly behind me. Film festival life is something something. Anyway today’s subject is a film score that has gotten me through many a rough moment, the score from 2005’s Pride and Prejudice, composed by Dario Marianelli.

This is going to be a bit embarrassing to admit but I used to be a person who had no real clue how important a film’s score is. I was young but that is really no excuse. I mean I was obsessed with film soundtracks, I was a Disney kid so soundtracks are a big deal but scores were simply not on my radar. Honestly not even sure how that was possible considering I loved so many of the films that John Williams scored and he is a genius but I guess I was just a silly child. And then Pride and Prejudice came out in 2005 and it was like a switch went off. I fell madly, deeply and completely in love with the score. I bought it and listened to it constantly. I can identify what scene each piece was attached to within 30 seconds of listening. And now I am score crazy, scores are the best part of so many films. And this is all due to Dario Marianelli’s absolutely beautiful original score for Pride and Prejudice. 

I will add that part of my obsession is the fact that I actually just love the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice even though I still think it is not the most true to book version of Darcy, I still adore the film, or maybe it is because Darcy is bit off, I am not actually a fan of Darcy in the book.

I am moving away from the point here, the score for the film enhances every single scene of the film. The build-up to the “You Have Bewitched Me” scene as Darcy walks up always fills me with excitement and joy. And it plays under the scene so wonderfully as he speaks and then she accepts him and the piece is just great. I am speaking pure nonsense, I used to play the violin and I have done essays on film scores before but for some reason I am sounding like a fool right now. Just watch and listen.

My favorite piece for the film is actually “The Living Sculptures of Pemberley”. It is just such a beautiful piece that makes me think of sweet contemplative moments. You can feel Lizzy falling for him.


Marianelli has, of course, scored more than just Pride and Prejudice, he is known for his collaborations with director Joe Wright. Marianelli’s credits include some of my favorite films including I Capture the Castle, Atonement (for which he won the Golden Globe and Oscar for Original Score), V for Vendetta and many other fantastic films. I have listened to a good portion of his work but I won’t pretend that I do not go back to Pride and Prejudice the most. It is my studying soundtrack, it is my flying soundtrack, it is my bad day soundtrack, it is my good day soundtrack. Essentially I just listen to it whenever because it makes me happy.


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