Day 15: “Losing You” by Solange

You guys are just going to learn all of my favorite songs at this point. Life keeps me busy. Today’s song is “Losing You” by Solange.

One of my favorite memories is being on a road in South Korea after spending a weekend in this amazing cabin for a friend’s birthday. The cabin was great, there was a pool and I had so much fun just hanging out with my Korea Burn (yes, I am a Burner) friends. So we are waiting on the side of this road, because we are kind of in the boondocks, for this bus that will take us into town and then the song came on my shuffle. And I just start dancing by myself in the middle of this road, with the sun glistening, and everything feeling good. My friends are totally enjoying my bout of silliness and I felt happy, like completely and utterly happy. And for a woman with years of undiagnosed anxiety issues that eventually manifested into really bad depression, who finally was taking control of he mental health and was learning what happiness actually felt like, that moment was well earned. And the song is just that for me, so many happy memories attached to this one song strangely. I could rattle off a few more memories of the random situations in which this song served as the soundtrack of a glorious moment in my life and it tends to just be like that. And the video, the video is gorgeous and black excellence at its finest. It is my happy place. Here it is!


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