Day 14: Lianne La Havas

Hey, so I promised some Lianne La Havas so here we go. For Day 14, I have decided to make good on my promise to feature the extremely talented and beautiful Lianne La Havas.

The first song that I remember ever hearing from Lianne La Havas was “Lost and Found”. The song is a step beyond most of the melancholy you usually hear in music but she just pulls you right in. I remember listening to the song on repeat for awhile, she has this ability to make you feel her pain through her words. I eventually made my way through her entire album and I was in love. She joined Solange, Ray LaMontagne and Corinne Bailey Rae as a member of my regularly listened to music list that I had going on at the time. I am into interesting voices and music that features voices. I know that sounds silly and a bit full of it but not really sure how else to define, indie soul seems off.

Anyway I learned every word to every song on “Is Your Love Big Enough” because every song on the album was great. A few years later and then she releases “Blood” and it was even better. I also managed to win tickets to see her sing live and it was such a fantastic experience. She is an amazing performer and her voice is even better live. So I’m simply obsessed with anything she puts out. Here is her singing “Wonderful” off of the album “Blood”.

I personally do not go to many concerts, have a hard time rationalize the prices when I could use the same amount of money to jump on a plane to somewhere warm, but I would pay to see her over and over again. So people are just worth it to witness in person.


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