Day 10: The Magicians

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Today’s item is in celebration of the Season 3 premiere which is today, so Day 10 is one of my favorite shows, The Magicians on Syfy.

The Magicians is based on a book series by Lev Grossman which follows a young man named Quentin Coldwater who discovers magic is real and attends a college of magic called Brakebills College for Magical Pedagogy. The show (thankfully) follows more than just Quentin. Quentin, while occasionally lovable, can be a bit of a pill. Luckily we have our ragtag team of misfits to keep us invested. There is Quentin’s childhood friend Julia, who seeks out magic in other ways after being denied entry to Brakebills. There is Alice, who is a fantastic magician who is looking for answers into her brother’s disappearance. Eliot is a senior at Brakebills and kind of a mess, but a lovely fun mess. And Eliot’s partner in crime is the lovely Margo who is a badass. Then we we have Penny, a traveler who can teleport to different places, and he is gorgeous. And rounding out cast of characters is Kady, who is a character added to the show who does not appear in the book. These characters truly do make the show, you become invested in their stories and their journeys. For instance I love Julia and I will fight anyone who comes for her, ANYONE.

Back on track, at first the story seems to be about just figuring out how magic works and what can be done with it but the story expands and we learn of the Beast and how killing the Beast is of the utmost importance. Taking a step back, in the world of the show there is a bestselling novel about a place called Fillory. It is kind of like Narnia, Quentin is kind of obsessed with it. While at Brakebills Quentin learns that Fillory is real and that is where the Beast calls home. Eventually all of our characters get wrapped up in the battle to kill the Beast. Bad shit ensues, plot plot plot. Fillory is amazing. I have no intention of ruining it for you, you should really watch it.

So how to properly describe The Magicians, I guess it is Harry Potter meets Chronicle of Narnia meets the real world. This is not a children’s story. The show is very grounded in reality, what would our world actually look like if magic existed, both the good and bad. The good, levitation sex (Syfy is weirdly into this, this was also featured on The Expanse), the bad, murderous Gods that rape and kill women. The show pulls no punches and I love that about it. But there are definitely some really horrible things that happen to these characters and I appreciate the fact that the show does not shy away from showing what the repercussions of that trauma would like in a world with magic.

A cool random thing about the show I want to hint at is that they handle the fact it is based on book really well and it explains away the differences from the book series in a very smart way. I know that isn’t much but hopefully just enough to get you to watch the show!

Seriously, this is a really dope show. And I also love that one of the showrunners is a woman, Sera Gamble, especially in light of some the things that the female characters end up going through. Hearing her speak about getting the show greenlit at New York Comic-Con 2.5 years ago with the other showrunner, John McNamara, and hearing them be quite frank about the issues they had was really cool. I am very glad that they found a place for the show that let them tell the story the way they wanted to. The cast was also really great at the panel. I just love everything about and surrounding the show.

Anyway if you have seen the show before and are a fan like myself, I am super excited about the newest adventure. I love that is Julia with the magic, Quentin is a spaz, I want Kady to be happy, Alice is too good for Quentin and Margo is rocking that new look. For everyone else, the first 2 seasons are on Netflix, you have no excuse!


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