Day 5: Welcome to Night Vale

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So I took a nap and totally forgot about this so this is me trying my best to make my personal deadline. I may be taking this hibernating thing I am doing a bit too far. Today will be a short one but a thing I love nonetheless. Today’s item is the amazing podcast Welcome to Night Vale.

So Welcome to Night Vale (WTNV) is a podcast¬†presented as a radio show for the fictional town of Night Vale. Night Vale is very weird town where you should totally avoid the dog park. I don’t want to spoil anything because it is a story with a fun plot and character development. I particularly love how good it is at world building. World building and character development are my favorite narrative needs, I tend to value them over plot. Anyway the creator described the origin of Night Vale as a place where every conspiracy theory is true and took it from there. I did not know that little tidbit until I had to write this post and honestly Night Vale makes a lot more sense now.

In terms of characters there is our lovely host Cecil who reveals aspects of his quirky town with his radio show. The podcast features dragons and goddesses and scientists and weird creatures I have no intention acknowledging who exist at that dog park I mentioned you shouldn’t go to or think about really, I shouldn’t have mentioned it. My random asides will make more sense if you listen to it. I want to say more but I also want anyone who is reading this to go and listen to it rather that read what I have to say. It is just a fun ride all the way through. One of the best parts, for me anyway, is that these characters may have voices but we have limited information on what they look like and it has resulted in this vibrant fan community that can be super inclusive and builds out the characters as they see them. They are clear clashes from time to time from people who enjoy policing others’ headcanon but it is nice to see that for many fans the default of whiteness in the science fiction/fantasy world is no longer an actual default. Now if media creators with power would just get on board but I digress.

There have been two books based on the podcast, I have read neither yet but I have only heard great things and they are on my 2018 Reading List. And, in a bit of news I am still on the fence about, they are developing a TV series based on the podcast. I am super excited for the creators, this is an awesome development, but I get a feeling that my headcanon is going to be far more diverse than what ends up on television. But I am trying to remain optimistic.

I fell into the fandom as a result of my more active years on Tumblr, a good portion of the people I followed were listening to it and were obsessed. I resisted at first, I am a part of entirely too many fandoms, but I gave in eventually and I am very happy I did.

Here is the first episode for you to listen to if you are the type who likes to start at the beginning. I particularly like the weather in this one.


But if you just want a taste check out this one. A standalone, a personal favorite and a fan favorite is this episode about us, the listener.


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