KillJoys (1×08) – Come the Rain Recap

Let’s just jump into it!

The episode opens with Johnny lamenting to the best barkeep ever that the team is a wreck following the events of last week’s episode in which D’avin tried to kill everyone, albeit whle under mind control. A totally understandable reaction. But Johnny, the ultimate fixer, has a plan for fixing things with the team. He calls Dutch and D’avin out and sends them to Bellus for a warrant he has taken out in their name. The two of them grudgingly agree to do the warrant. So they go to Leith to see Bellus.

Bellus is very protective of her girl and punches D’avin as payback for hurting her. It’s a fun scene, D’avin offers her a free shot and she takes it. Let that be a leson, don’t say things you don’t mean. The warrant is for a simple pick-up and delivery, at least that’s what they think until the engines suddenly shut down. And Mr. Fixer himself appears on the screen, it turns out the device they picked up from Bellus was actually a plant by Johnny. The engines will not restart unless they answer a series of questions honestly. The two them grab some drinks, this is clearly going to take awhile.

Back on Westerley our Mr. Fixer is having an adventure of his own but first he has a check-up with Dr. Pawter who is not looking too well. It doesn’t help that there is a black rain alert so a group of people are now trapped at the bar to wait out of the storm, including God, whose name is actually Alvis, and several indviduals who look like trouble. Also there is a familiar well-missed face from Defiance, Tommy (hearts, kisses ad tears).

Outside, in preparation for the storm we see some police strap three prisoners to a torture device that keeps them in place in the rain which will kill them slowly and painfully. The black rain is an electro acid rain created as a result of the company strippng the planet. I cannot immagine what crime would just that sort of punishment but then I remember that this is an universe where a corporation owns planets so I imagine being fair and just is not on their list of things to do. Back in the bar Johnny notices that trouble is about to go down, but is too late to stop it.

A group of robbers who have stolen 7th generation papers (papers that allow the 7th gen of any family to be given land on Leith, far away from the horrible living condtions on Westerley). Tommy plays another officer here, this time working for the company. He tries to play hero and apprehend the robbers but he is outgunned. He does manage to nick the leader real good. Unfortunately second-in-command is a hothead. Pawter offers to help and Johnny offers to help her. He soon realizes that Pawter needs a little more help than he can do for her, she’s a junkie and she needs a fix.

Mr. Fixer decides he needs to fix the situation, especially since the hothead has made it clear he’ll kill Pawter if she fails. So he brokers a deal to try to score her a fix. Pree, unierse’s best barkeep, and Alvis are enlisted to help. Pree provides Johnny and Alvis with a route via basement they can take to try to find “medical supplies”. Second-in-command, still a hothead, tells Johnny that he has an hour or he starts killing people in the bar before making an example of one. So off they go.

Back on the ship Dutch and D’avin are making their way through the questions. We learn a little more about the both of them, Dutch was a dancer at her harem, D’avin is scard of not being good enough. But the last question is where they fall apart; it’s one for Dutch, does she trust D’avin? Eventually D’avin gets her to admit what the issue is, she’s not allowed to be angry becase it really wasn’t D’avin so she’s not sure how to feel. It’s a familiar trope sometimes used when twins are involved though mind control tends to be the usual culprit.

So D’avin suggests she take out her anger on an image of him. She, in turn, asks him to forgive himself and right when we think progress is about to be made it turns out Dutch really doesn’t trust him. Both seem a bit defeated by the realization but better to know now than later.

Back on Westerley Alvis and Johnny discuss ideology, Johnny thinks Alvis is full of it because he uses religion as a cover for political intrigue. Alvis questions on Johnny on why cannot coexist. As the philosophical conversation continues they run into a believer who questions Alvis on his presence. In the end this believer manages to score them the drug they need, though it was hidden down his pants. I cannot really judge, for a lot of women their bras double as a wallet, still a tad disconcerting to watch him dig around for it. After this he gets a blessing Alvis which brings a swarm of others who want blessings. Johnny looks at the group of them like they’re insane.

On the way back Alvis questions Johnny’s need t fix everything, referring to it as Johnny’s masochistic matyr complex. While he’s denying this charge they run into company officers responding to a distress single set off by Tommy (have no intention of findig out what his name show is, he will always be Tommy). They plan on storming in which never ever works. Johnny convinces hem to let him help end this with no more bloodshed. Alvis gives him a look, Johnny, Mr. Fixer, most definitely has a complex.

Back on the ship Dutch and D’avin get pulled into the orbit of the black rain cloud and work together, after toppling the truth machine after it starts malfunctioning, to save the ship and themselves. But it’s not enough, a team cannot work without trust.

Back at the bar Pawter manages to save the leader but not before telling Johnny that she killed a patient back in Qresh while high. Her family covered it up and shipped her to the Quad. It appears everyone on this show has demons. Before Johnny can celebrate this victory all hell breaks loose when the hothead realizes that Tommy has sent for help and throws him out in the rain. Johnny goes after him because his plan depends on him and Alvis helps in what seems an attempt to gloat that he was right about Johnny’s whole masochistic martyr thing. When he gets back in hothead asks him what his plan is, saying that he always has a plan. And Johnny, poor Johnny, looks defeated. He pours himself a drink before shooting all 3 robbers with a nail gun he found out in the rain. Mr. Fixer is apparently retiring.

Afer all is said and done we learn that Pawter is not the first addict Johnny’s had to take care of though we are not given a who. Pawter sends him away but not before a nice beat between the two, not sure why I did not see it before but these two would be good for each other. On his way back to the ship he runs into D’avin who tells him he is leaving the ship for now. He tries to make up with Johnny but Mr. Fixer has vacated the premises and Johnny reads his brother the riot act, not just for recent events but for everything. He tells D’avin it is his turn to fix things.

Back in the bar it turns that Tommy was actually there to meet up with Alvis, he’s a spy! This makes me hapy, I would hate for Tommy to be on the side of wrong. It appears the government is gearing up for something big and, chances are, it is not good for the Quad.

The episode ends with Johnny and Dutch hanging together. Johnny did say he’d pick her if ever he had to.

Prior to episode 7 I was a somewhat casual fan of Killjys, I liked the show, watched it when I could. Then episode 7 happened and it delivered in ways I was not expecting. Now I am heavily invested. This episode took the momentum of the last episode and continued to deliver. Really hoping this show gets renewed.

One of the things I really like is that the show allows for the character developments to come fluidly as well as the world expansions. For instance the more we learn about Dutch’s life the more you understand why she wants so badly to hold onto it. She had a father figure who despite being flawed seemed to care for her. She has Bellus who serves as a mother figure. And last, but certainly not least, she has Johnny who has made it clear he will always choose her. What else could a person ask for? Same with Pawter, not just a doctor with a bad boy fetish, she gets layers pulled back slowly. Now I’m invested in learnig more Johnny’s life growing up, clealy there is a lot to unpack there.

Right now I am most excited for the intrigue with Alvis, the show has made it clear that there are wars brewing with the company, between the company and RAC, the company and Leith, the company and the Quad, there is still a lot to unpack about the world as it stands and I’m excited to see that happen.


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