UnREAL (1×10) – Future Recap – Season Finale

I occasionally watch guilty pleasure television and UnREAL has made the cut. I am not even sure why I keep watching since I have yet to find a character that I actually like but alas, it is currently on my must watch list. Must be somthing about summer TV that makes you want to embrace the soapy craziness.

Previously on the show everyone was a terrible person but since that is every week should go into specifics. Quinn tried to convince the young intern whose name I will never remember to try to file sexual assault charges against Chet after catching said intern giving him a blowie. The psychiatrist on the show used this as leverage and told Chet. Adam and Rachel did it and got caught on camera, idiots, and now Quinn is blackmailing them. Adam’s response, suggesting the two of them run away together in the middle of the night, I repeat idiots. Jeremy is still blah and pathetically infatuated with a woman who clearly is unstable. Anna and Grace have deluded themselves into believing Adam is a good person. And now for the show.

The show starts off with Rachel and Adam leaving Jeremy and Anna in bed, and getting ready to run off into the sunset. Rachel even leaves a note. Quinn and Chet have a chat/moment, he is still his usual creepy self. Quinn catches Adam before he leaves and tells him something good because he meets Rachel and tells her running off is a no go. Quinn is real proud of herself.

Adam heads back and apologizes to Anna for leaving her in the middle of the night so she still thinks he’s a special snowflake. Rachel has a woosa moment and returns looking sort of normal, acting like everything is fine. I’m terrified. Jeremy is also acting like everything is fine but he knows it’s not. He’s got plotting eyes.

And then all hell breaks loose because Brit the bitch is brought back by Chet as the girls are choosing wedding dresses. Grace and Anna are not pleased but Quinn and Rach figure they can spin it to make Chet look bad.

Should back up a bit, Chet outmanuevers Quinn, makes the intern a producer and gives the psychiatrist a spot on the show. He also screws her attempts to go over his head so she’s out for blood.

Back to Everlasting, Rachel drops the bombshell on Grace about her and Adam and Grace barely bats an eye, it’s awesome, love Grace. She calls out Rachel on the manipulative slut thing, not that slut-shaming is okay, she has going on. It is a moment of true eff Rachel gloriousness. I may have watched it a few times.

And then we are off to London. Rachel’s new goal is to get Adam to choose Anna because Anna cares about whether or not he’s a good person whereas Grace only cares about getting hers. Rachel’s mission is embarass Adam as payback. She recruits his grandmother, an awesome lady who snorted blow off of Jagger’s cock, to help convince him Anna is the one.

So he chooses Anna. I feel bad for the hurt that is going to unleashed on that girl. But first more Rachel hurting, yay! Jeremy tricked Adam into telling why Rachel disappeared in the night so he publicly humiliates in front of the entire crew and tells everyone she’s evil. He also threatens to end her reign of terror. I used more colorful words than him, he’s still a bit blah but at least now he’s a smarter blah.

Rachel takes all that angst and uses it to hurt Anna by tricking Adam into admitting that they were going to run away together with Anna within earshot. And then the show goes live and things finally get real on Everlasting.

First, Ana does not show up and Rachel annouces that Adam is going home alone. Then Brit, awesome magnificent creature that she is, calls out the show’s hypocrisy, LIVE. Talks about how the show is Chet’s personal whorehuse, taking the illusion away. It’s amazing! Quinn gets her moment to shine and chases down Anna for her interview who keeps things relatively classy, only calling Adam a slut and an idiot.

At this point we find out Quinn lied to Adam to get him to leave Rachel, big surprise. Rachel and Quinn have their manipulative bitch powwow and it ends with the two of them admitting they care for each other. And also they killed someone, they admit and sort of joke about it. Totally deranged. But it’s not over yet.

Jeremy for the crazytown win. He pulls out the crazy jaded lover card and calls Rachel’s mom, who is actually the embodiment of manipulative evil and maybe a sociopath, and lies that Rach has had a nervous break. I don’t like Rach but I would not wish her mother on anyone. Jeremy is evil. And so it ends. Despite the snark I actually do enjoy the show and the finale delivered on the craziness it promised. Until next time UnREAL, it’s been a trainwreck (on purpose).


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